Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nov2008 NJDHSS comes out against Vaccination Choice *

November 26, 2008
Health Department issued a position statement about our bill, A260/S1071 explaining the reasons they oppose parents' rights to Conscientious Exemption to Mandatory Immunizations. Read their position statement along with the fact-based response that Dr. Paul King wrote on behalf of the NJCVC HERE.
Dr. King provides the same documentation and facts to debunk the Health Department’s sweeping assertions that he asks the Health Department to provide to the citizens of NJ. To date, the NJCVC has not received such a well-documented response from NJDHSS; they regularly and vaguely cite other health authorities (the CDC, AAP, etc). The NJ Department of Health has ultimate responsibility, however, to NJ citizens to have solid data and clinical proof of safety upon which they base our public health policy.

Especially troubling is the lack of ANY study looking at the safety of combining the vaccines already on NJ’s mandated schedule, yet the State has added new vaccines. By and large, they are conducting medical experiments on children in this state- not only without the informed consent of their parents, but forced by vaccine mandates proffered “in the public good” but with NO PROOF of their collective safety to substantiate these claims. NJCVC demands proof of the vaccine safety our state of NJ stands upon, before they further increase mass vaccination mandates.

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