Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dec2007 Public Health Council meeting

Dec 10, 2007
Members vote 5 to 2 (with one abstention) to recommend adding 4 new vaccines to NJ’s mandated schedule.
NJ’s Public Health Council (PHC) is comprised of 10 Governor appointees. For many years it has created public health policy ranging from regulation of animal shelters, to protecting sea turtle eggs, to mass human vaccination mandates. In 2005, Gov. Richard Codey took away their authority to make policy, and the role of the PHC shifted to advisory. Presently, they only make recommendations, which are often rubber stamped anyway by the Health Commissioner and then go on to become NJ health regulations enforced by the NJ Dept of Health & Senior Services.

Troubling aspects of the PHC’s role in this system include their lack of discourse with, or accountability whatsoever to the public, the PHC’s unfilled posts, as well as the individuals serving on the PHC, including those with conflicts of interest, and/or no experience whatsoever in the wide-ranging subject matter.

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