Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dec2008 NJCVC meets NJ Health Commissioner Howard

December 3, 2008
NJCVC leaders meet with Commissioner Howard and her staff, making a 3 hour presentation about why NJ needs vaccination choice. She was not convinced.
Coalition co-leader, Louise Kou Habakus, prepared and presented an in-depth, documented, and quite professional presentation to Health Commissioner Howard, her Deputy Commissioner, Brownlee, Drs.Tina Tan and Barbara Montana, among other members of Commissioner Howard's staff. Louise was joined by several other coalition members at this 3 hour round table.

The Coalition supported arguments that the number of vaccines is too many, that vaccines cause neurodevelopmental injury, that vaccine safety testing is seriously lacking and the rate of chronic illness in children is epidemic. We discussed the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, vaccine reactions and risk factors, the conflicts of interest in policy making and the shameful infant mortality rate in the United States despite vaccines alleged to be the cornerstone of disease prevention. NJCVC members also urged the Department to investigate the trust gap between parents and the health department and the alarming rate of autism in NJ. Finally, we reminded Commissioner Howard and her staff of all the FDA failures that have plagued the population--Thalidomide, the Dalkon Shield, Vioxx, Premarin, the Rely Tampon and cigarettes to name a few.

The Commissioner politely excused herself before the meeting was over. Despite the volumes of information presented, which deserved her ample consideration although she did not give it, when asked if the Commissioner would please throw her support behind the conscientious exemption bill, her Chief of Staff announced that he thought the Commissioner was clear that she would continue to oppose the legislation. NJCVC has serious reservations about our state health officials who ignore plausible evidence of harm from vaccines.

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