Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nov2008 Response to NJDHSS: HPV flyer is FALSE

November 6, 2008
NJCVC Co-Founder Maureen Drummond explains how the HPV flyer flies in the face of informed consent. See Maureen's letter HERE.
She points to numerous groups in NJ and the US that provide more of the story on vaccine safety, in order that consumers can conduct their own risk/benefit analysis. She goes on to decry how the Health Department persists in dodging responsibility for thrusting lies on the public. Further, she offers an alternative Q&A flyer on HPV, one based on full information and aiming at true informed consent. Drummond also asks Deputy Health Commissioner, James Brownlee, in the letter, if he holds the opinion that the public might reject Gardasil if presented with the facts in her own HPV flyer rather than the health department's propaganda. Mr. Brownlee has yet to respond.

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